Friday, August 5, 2016


For those of you who don't know, I've been living in Zürich this summer with Boris. Boris is having his eight week training here for Morgan Stanley (Merger & Acquisition) to prepare him for his fulltime position in London starting the end of September.
 I have loved getting to be here with him and explore the wonderful town of Zürich. 

Most of my days are spent alone walking around exploring the city or reading by the lake

Boris works a ton of hours, sometimes he doesn't get home till 3 in the morning. But I've been enjoying this time reflecting and enjoying the sights. I just graduated from my University so having all this free time is weird to me. Zürich is a very interesting city, I've never seen so many hard working, sucessful people in my life.
 They're all so driven and work very hard for everything they own.

I also have never seen so many lambos and Ferraris in my life either lol.

 Two years ago Boris had an internship here with UBS, so luckily I know the city pretty well. Were staying in a apartment thats really central and in the heart of the city, so its nice that I can walk everywhere. Most people that live in the city just ride their bikes or take the tram. I'm grateful that Boris has the weekends off so we booked a trip every weekend I'm here. Next trip is Paris I cant wait!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Ti Amo Lake Como

Lake Como felt like it was a dream! I've always heard such wonderful things about Lake Como but you truly cant admire the beauty till you see it in person. It was the most perfect day the weather was perfect not too hot, not too cold. We rented a boat for the day so we could see all of the lake! We started on the north side of the lake and then traveled down the south to the Bellagio city. We loved just relaxing and cruising alongside the little towns. We had a map that had George Clooneys house on it but we couldnt find it and then our map flew into the water, so that was the end of that. Then we went to the Grand Hotel Tremezzo it was stunning with amazing views. It had a real romantic feel with bright colors and dates all the way back to 1910. Boris swears he saw Meryl Streep a few tables down haha. It was such an amazing romantic trip I loved being with Boris.

Bikinis: Triangl, Victoria Secret, and Swimlikeamermaid, Sunglasses: Celine

Ciao Bella!

I've always wanted to go to Milan this past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting the gorgeous city with my Fiance Boris. We took the train from Zurich to Milan. We loved the beautiful sights on the way, Zug and Lucerne were my favorite. When we got to Milan we took an Uber to our hotel. Our hotel was really central, we stayed at 

Hotel Via Orefici it was really nice, 

I loved the rooms I felt like a princess. 

We were able to walk to all the different attractions from our hotel and it was only a 2 or 3 minute walk. I adored the Duomo Di Milano it was breathtaking! The cathedral has more statues than any other building in the world. We also loved all the shopping in Milan.The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele was just stunning!  And the taxfree was a true plus! Boris got two custom made suits which was an extreme luxury and a dream of his for a very long time. He customized everything and even put John 3;16 in one of the collars and 10.24.12 in the other (the day he met me).  After Milan we rented a car (fiat of course) and drove to Lake Como. Milano was an absolute treasure I'll never forget this trip!

blue top: Zara white skirt: Zara, white top: Brandy Melville, pink trousers: Zara, purse; Chanel, Sunglasses; Prada