Saturday, June 27, 2015

Love Wins!

Yesterday marks a very important day in history! The Supreme Court's decision to make marriage official and a right for all couples. States now cannot keep couples from marrying and must recognize their union. This is a historical event for humans rights! Today we celebrate those who can now express their commitment to their partner. 

I am not gay but I support the human rights that those who love the same sex  should have the ability to share the same commitment. It would be cruel to not give the same opportunities and rights. The power of the people should have rights and be able to love who they want.  

It hurts my heart that people would label this human rights victory as legalizing sin. The only sin in this matter is the people pointing their fingers and judging people for the ones they love. There is no greater sin and as a Christian I am a proud supporter of this equal expression of commitment. 

I dont believe God gave us that power to tell people they dont have the right to form a loving, committed union and enjoy the fruits of marriage. My parents have shown me the meaningful power of marriage and for that I'm grateful to have such deep respect for the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22). We have no right to make marriage a club and restrict some. Marriage is a blessing and has a right to be shared and respected. 

"Love does no harm to it's neighbor, therefore Love fulfills the law." (Romans 13:10)

Love wins. 

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